The Best 9 Dance Clubs In West Palm Beach [2022]

While Miami gets all of the glory for South Florida’s dance clubs and excellent DJ appearances, West Palm Beach and the neighboring towns also have some great nightlife options. Clematis Street in West Palm is lined with clubs that blast music, flash lights, and serve bottle service into the wee hours of the morning.

Enjoy the big dance floor, stylish ambience, and sophisticated lounge areas at Off the Hookah. The many clubs in West Palm beach make obtaining a drink in between dances a breeze, and the venue is perfect for groups seeking to split a hookah. From themed evenings to local DJ parties, there’s always something going on here.

Roxy’s Rooftop Bar, located near Off the Hookah, is a must-see on Clematis. In West Palm, the open-air dance floor, lounge rooms, and views of the city are unrivalled. The music is largely techno and house, but you might get lucky and hear some throwback hip hop from the 1990s.

If you’ve made it through the weekend, Sunday nights are worth checking out since the live musicians on the rooftop put on a show you won’t want to miss. Night clubs West Palm beach allow you to party like a VIP and have a fantastic time.

Best West Palm Beach Clubs

On this page, you’ll find the shortlist of West Palm Beach Clubs. And, each with why its best to go.
Please feel free to investigate each dancing club to learn more about them and to determine which is the greatest fit for you.

We’d be delighted to assist you with either.


Pawn Shop | Clubs In West Palm Beach
Image by Pawn Shop

The Pawn Shop is West Palm Beach’s newest bar and nightlife. Pawn Shop is the new talk of the town, having been pulled off the Miami strip, refurbished, refurnished, and relocated directly on Clematis.

The front of the building features a small glass-topped bar where you can drink and buy pawned items. It opens at five o’clock, but it’s actually just a façade for the raucous nightclub that kicks up about ten o’clock.

Top DJs spin the finest hits in the massive back space, which features soaring ceilings and brand new sound/lighting equipment. There’s a lot going on on Clematis, but don’t forget to check out this hidden gem all the way down to the intracoastal for palm beach nightlife.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Funk Fridays and Re-Launch Saturdays at the Pawn Shop Lounge feature five DJs spinning sets that keep the party going late.

Expert tip: It’s worth pricing out the novel VIP sections


Image by Tripadvisor

With the addition of soft couches and velvet ropes, Off-the-Hookah appears to be a typical supper venue by nightfall. It transforms into a South Beach-style nightclub after the sun sets. The admitted smoke hookah and dabble in light chat just outside the line of dancing thirsty folks waiting on the bouncer. Its one of the best clubs West Palm beach.

Lights flicker and heads thud beyond them. Off-the-hookah hires prominent DJs to fill their venues with dance music. Come here to dance and drink the night away, not to converse with strangers. The later you arrive, the better, because the club doesn’t really start to fill up until after midnight.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: The ambiance at Off the Hookah is ideal for dancing until the sun rises.

Expert tip: Arrive early for hookah and stay late for dancing.


Monarchy Nightclub | clubs In West Palm Beach
Image by Jirka Matousek

A big dance floor is located between two bars at Monarchy Nightclub on Clematis Street in Downtown West Palm Beach. While the rest of the street empties out, the party here continues with different DJs mixing dance house and electronic music until 4 a.m.

Weekly deals are available here, so keep an eye on their social media channels to see when the best event is taking place that week. A lot of the gatherings are hosted by Kettle One Vodka, which pushes their bottles on clients. If you’re not a high roller, don’t worry; $3 beers are available.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: After midnight, Monarchy Nightclub really gets going, and it doesn’t stop until the early hours of the morning.

Expert tip: Bottle service is relatively affordable most nights


Roxys Pub | clubs In West Palm Beach
Image by Roxy’s Pub

Roxy’s, located on Clematis Street in West Palm Beach, is a multi-story, multi-faceted Irish pub and nightclub. On the lower level, sports and drinking lovers congregate around the taps to consume international brews and watch Florida teams compete.

After grabbing a drink at one of the two bar stations on the roof deck, you can gaze out over the city. On the projection screen later in the evening, house music blasts and music videos play.

A raucous dance party usually follows, with things getting as outrageous as you want them to. This is a fantastic way to cap off a night on Clematis. It has Palm Beach nightlife.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Roxy’s Pub’s rooftop bar in downtown West Palm Beach is the ideal spot for dancing the night away in the Florida sunshine.

Expert tip: Take the elevator to the third floor instead of the stairs, which take a forever.


Rumbass | clubs In West Palm Beach
Image by Rumbass

Rumbass is a Latin dance club in West Palm Beach, located on the crossroads of Southern Boulevard and Military Trail. On Friday and Saturday nights, from 10 p.m. to roughly 5 a.m., the club is open.

The DJs keep the music upbeat and loud so that everyone can dance all night. There are two bars, tables on the dance floor’s fringes, and bottle service. The music is a combination of Spanish and English, and the atmosphere is extremely South Florida.

It is suggested that you arrive early to ensure a nice parking location (space is limited) and enjoy night clubs West Palm Beach.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: On Friday and Saturday nights, Rumbass Latin Dance Club throws a raucous party.

Expert tip: If you’re looking for Latino music, this is the place to go.


RESPECTABLE STREET | clubs In West Palm Beach
Image by Subculture

Respectable has been a stalwart in the area for more than ten years, even before Clematis Street was given a new lease on life. The alternative crowd and those searching for something a little different will love the hybrid dance club/live music venue.

DJs play a wide range of electronic and industrial music for clients to jam to on the dance floor most evenings. At other times, you’ll discover local and national bands performing who have a distinct sound and are more hardcore than most music enthusiasts enjoy.

Other attractions include ska, punk, and rock performers, as well as whatever else is uncategorizable and fascinating.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Respectable Street is a dance club with live music and outstanding DJs that caters to the alternative and indie crowd.

Expert tip: This is the closest thing Palm Beach has to a CBGB’s-style establishment.


RENEGADES | clubs In West Palm Beach
Image by Tripadvisor

Renegade’s off of Village Boulevard in West Palm Beach is the place to go if you’re looking for a full service lunch and supper cuisine with a side of country line dancing. Burgers, steaks, and wraps are all reasonably priced at the country western pub, which also offers a 3-for-1 happy hour special.

Enjoy country line dancing seven nights a week, ride the mechanical bull, watch the big game on one of the 75 TVs, or listen to the ever-changing live music if you’re staying for more than the cuisine.

If you’re a little shy on the dance floor, come to one of the four nights a week when lessons are held before the party begins at 9 p.m. Still not convinced that this is the right place for you? Ladies get free drinks every Tuesday and Thursday from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m., as well as free rides on the bull on Tuesday and Friday nights.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Renegades’ line dancing is usually a crowd-pleaser, keeping the club full and entertaining any day of the week.

Expert tip: One of the few venues on the list where eating and dancing are encouraged at the same time.


Shout Karaoke | clubs In West Palm Beach
Image by Shout Karaoke

The flagship venue of a growing franchise is Shout Karaoke. Shout, located on North Olive right off Clematis in Downtown West Palm, is dedicated to providing a stage for individuals who enjoy belting out the hits.

Unlike traditional karaoke clubs, which feature only one stage and one performer, Shout includes multiple rooms or “boxes” that cater to different groups. There could be up to 11 distinct karaoke performances taking place at the same time.

For individuals who believe they deserve a wider audience, there is a major stage. Singers will have a lot of options when it comes to song selection, with thousands of songs to choose from. To help with stage fright, cocktails, bottled beer, and on-tap brews are provided.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: WannaB’s Karaoke Bar is a fun spot to spend a night out, especially for those looking for a more involved atmosphere with palm beach nightlife.

Expert tip: At Shout!, the larger the group, the more fun you’ll have.


IL Bacio | clubs In West Palm Beach
Image by Tripadvisor

IL Bacio is an outdoor dance club in Delray Beach, located in a large courtyard off of Atlantic Avenue. The club knows what fans need to keep coming back for more, with a massive stage, two full bars, and VIP spaces.

The DJs play predominantly house and electronica mixes, which, when combined with the light effects, make for some spectacular sets. This club attracts a lot of big stars from Miami, so it definitely has a South Beach atmosphere to it.

Although there are fans set up outdoors to keep things cool, it has been known for Florida to get fairly hot.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Patrons return to Il Bacio’s open-air dance floor in Delray Beach to enjoy the light shows and electronica.

Expert tip: This is a great spot to lose yourself (in a good way) – just remember to stay hydrated.

FAQ’s About Dance Clubs in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Does West Palm Beach have a nightlife?

To get a feel for the nightlife in downtown, simply follow your feet. Downtown West Palm Beach at night is stunning. There’s no need to hail a taxi or call for a ride because there’s a large variety of eateries, hotspots, and trendsetting locations all within minutes of one another.

Where can you go dancing in West Palm Beach?

These places are best dance clubs in West Palm Beach:
1. Pawn Shop
2. Off-the-Hookah 
3. Monarchy Nightclub 
4. Roxy’s Pub
5. Rumbass
6. Respectable Street
7. Renegades
8. Shout Karaoke
9. IL Bacio

What is there to do in downtown West Palm Beach at night?

1. At Hookah Inn Lounge, try a hookah.
2. Take a walk down Worth Avenue.
3. Improv Comedy Club and Dinner Theatre will make you laugh until you cry.
4. At Bar Louie, you can sip your favorite cocktail.
5. Go bowling at Verdes Tropicana Bowl.
6. Enjoy dinner at Table 26° Palm Beach.
7. At Regal Cinemas Royal, you can see a movie.
8. At the Monarchy Nightclub, get down on the dance floor.

Does West Palm Beach have a boardwalk?

Grassy Waters Preserve, West Palm Beach
This free boardwalk trail is slightly under a mile long and leads to a nature center with staff.

Is West Palm Beach safe at night?

In general, downtown West Palm Beach is a safe place to visit. At night, make sure you stay within the Downtown area’s bounds. The areas around City Place and Clematis St. are normally safe, but beware travelling too far west.

What is Palm Beach known for?

Legendary resorts, gorgeous mansions, and historic landmarks abound on Palm Beach, including Henry Flagler’s former residence, which is now the Flagler Museum. Worth Avenue is a shopping paradise lined with tall palm trees that is well-known around the world.

clubs In West Palm Beach

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